Six weeks to go...

We're in the midst of preproduction and I thought I'd just note all that we have yet to do... in as brief of a post I can manage. I don't know why I'm focusing on things left to do. We've done so much and I'm so proud of this group of filmmakers I am working with! But, maybe just to remind myself (and maybe my mom? who may be the only one reading this) that there's time and there's plenty to do. So... 

 - We're still locking down two final actors (but we have offer letters out)!

- We have no locations, yet!

- We're bringing on final members of the crew - most specifically we need costume/wardrobe and a DIT right now... 

- I need to shot list!!!

- There are a few script changes I want to make still. Housekeeping kind of stuff but that's overdue. 

Today we're doing a crew screening of ANOTHER EARTH because I have never seen it and am such a fan of SOUND OF MY VOICE. 

We're making a movie, folks! It's called SPEED OF LIFE and it'll be a 12 day shoot in April in Los Angeles and I am psyched.